January 13, 2011

Event Update! Our Big Gala Draw is this Saturday the 29th, 206 Carrall @ 8pm! You DO NOT have to be at the event to win, but it is going to be a lovely night, so try and make it if you can! Tickets are still available online (re: the bottom of this page) and at the door on the night of. FYI the door fee ($10) IS your lottery ticket! We’ve got some amazing local musicians, cheap, swanky drinks and great company!

Art Gestalt: The goal is greater than the sum of its Arts.

(For the love of Art)

  What is Art Gestalt?

Art Gestalt is an opportunity for the community to come together and support its artists in a way that is manageable on the individual level, but adds up to a substantial contribution on the community level.

How does Art Gestalt work?

Well, the first step was getting together a group of AMAZING  local artists (We did that!) and the second step is letting people know what this new concept is all about and how they can be apart of it. Basically, over the next few weeks (January 9th to the 29th to be exact) we will be selling tickets (1 ticket for $10 or 3 for $25) to YOU the community. All monies raised from the sale of these tickets will go directly into a pot, that will result in a draw. On January 29th, we will draw one or more names and the lucky recipient(s) will be able to choose a piece of art, equal in value to the money we’ve raised and take it home! YaaY!

FYI: If you aren’t living in Vancouver and would like to purchase a ticket anyway, should you win, we’ll ship your chosen piece to you, free of charge!

Why is this a great idea?

It is an easy and affordable way for the community to support its artists and its artists run galleries, so that we can all continue to make, showcase and appreciate art . The other great thing about this idea is that  someone (maybe you?) gets to walk away with a piece of art that they potentially, would not otherwise be able to afford. Just because someone didn’t have to spend tons of money on a piece of art does not mean they will love it any less. Maybe they will love it more?

However, this idea will only be a strong as the support it receives, so if you get to the end of this writeup and still feel that it is a great idea, please buy a ticket! They are available via the paypal link at the bottom of this page or at our gallery.


We open our doors on January 17th, gallery hours will be Tuesday to Sunday,  noon to 6pm, so come on down and check us out!  The Big Gala Event happens on January 29th,  if you’ve already purchased your ticket by the 29th , this will serve as your right of entry for the evening or you can buy your ticket at the door. Aside from the Art works, please look forward to lots of amazing musical talent being showcased as well as some especially gifted local designers.

YOU DO NOT have to attend the event in order to win. Any absent winners will be contacted and can choose there piece from the online images or come to the gallery to do so.

    Maybe you are wondering…

…how this idea came about? I actually came up with this idea a few months ago. We had just debuted our first art show at the 206 Carrall gallery, we had great artists involved, a first rate curator and an amazing location to showcase everyone’s work.  It was a solid show and on a personal level I was very proud of the caliber of artists we had gotten involved. However, I realized that no matter how strong the show was, Vancouver is not an easy place to sell art, especially when you are an emerging gallery with little to no contact list and just beginning to establish yourself within the artist community. I realize this is just how it goes, its not like you open a gallery and buyers just fall into your lap, right? But what if we made it easier for our friends, family, peers and community to support our gallery and our artists, in a way that was more substantial than coming to an opening and buying a few glasses of wine? (although we do appreciate that as well 🙂 ) Anyhow… through my frustration, Art Gestalt was born! I chose the Gestalt ideology to represent this concept because I feel that its core mandate, which is that ” The whole is greater than the sum of its parts ” is inherently linked to what I am trying to do. The concept of pooling our resources and focusing our energies on a common goal,  resonates with me, it just seems to make sense.  Why not utilize and focus on the resources we have, not the ones we don’t.

Maybe you are also wondering who our lovely Artists are?

Anna Talbot

Jonathan Lee

Kyla Bourgh

Marcus Jolly

Neal Nolan

Martin Krykorka

Mike Haller


Please click on either of these links if you are interested in purchasing tickets: Once you have finished with Paypal you will receive a confirmation email, letting you know what your ticket code is, so please be sure to include a proper address.

3 tickets for $25

one ticket for $10

Should you have any questions or concerns please feel to contact me, Courtney @

or drop by our beautiful Gastown gallery located @ 206 Carrall

Hours: Tues – Saturday 12 – 6



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