Art Gestalt: A Succuss!

September 23, 2011

Art Gestalt: Update

It was a SUCCESS!!

A gigantic and sincere thank you to all of YOU, whose support was vital in making Art Gestalt an effective art show and fun night! From friends, friends of friends and all of you new people coming into the gallery and taking time out to listen my little spiel about what exactly an “art lottery” was, I can’t tell you how much it meant to me and the artists to have so much support from the community.

I had been wanting to have this “art lottery” for awhile, but when the opportunity finally presented itself, it all had to come together in a short and chaotic few weeks. In an ideal world I would have had months to prepare, but in order to not miss the opportunity, I went with it and took a leap of faith that patrons of the arts would understand and embrace the concept. From curating the show, to selling tickets, to throwing the event,  it was a wild and crazy experiment and most of all a huge learning experience.

In total we raised $1,900.00 and moved 7 pieces of work out of the gallery and into the world. A HUGE accomplishment that myself, the artists, and our community can be incredibly proud of!  The goal for the next lottery is to include both artists and designers and put more pieces of work into more people’s hands! The BIG event will be that much bigger including more local talent and equally delicious and affordable drinks!

Throwing this event has shown me that people are ready to embrace new ways of supporting our local artists. The simplicity of the concept, pooling resources to create a substantial outcome combined with the immediacy of putting art straight into someone’s hands seemed to resonate with people and I am definitely excited to do it all again!

Thank you again for all your amazing support! I would love to hear any and all feedback or questions you may have. Any insight you can give will only help to make the next event that much better! I would also be interested in any suggestions you may have in terms of artists or designers you know of who may be interested in being apart of our next lottery. Or if you are someone who likes this idea and wants to get involved with planning the next one, please let me know 🙂

Until next time, may your whole be greater than the sum of it’s p(arts)!



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